How to Delete the Google Pay (GPay) UPI Transaction History From Your Phone?

Check out the full step by step easy process guide to delete your Google Pay history from the Gpay UPI app.


Google Pay (GPay) has made our lives easy with its fast and secure transaction features. But just like the other apps, Google Pay have problems too, as Google is already on everyone’s phone nowadays and it has almost everyone’s data like mail, history, photos and videos and more, but it also keeps our all transactions records. For example, Google Pay stores every transaction you make using the app. This might be a tough component, especially if you have made payments but do not want them to appear in the transaction history. So, you might have a question about its solution. So, here’s some good news, now you can easily remove your transaction records from the app. In this article, we will look at how to delete Google Pay transaction history with a few easy steps. Now, let’s get started.

Why Should You Delete Your Google Pay (Gpay) Transactions History?

How to Delete the Google Pay (GPay) UPI Transaction History From Your Phone?
Google Pay Transaction History Delete Guide

Before we get started, let’s talk about why you would want to remove your GPay transactions.

Google has access to a great amount of your data, and transaction history only adds to the collection. In such cases, removing your data reduces the amount of personal information saved by Google about you.

Another issue is that if someone else gets access to your Google Pay app, he can easily view your all shopping history and transactions of everything, which you have made, and you definitely not gonna enjoy it.

Finally, deleting your UPI transaction history regularly is a good practice because it gives you an understanding of your spending habits.

How To Delete Google Pay Transaction History?

Now, let’s follow the steps these quick steps below to delete your Google Pay transaction record:

Delete your Google Pay History with your phone

  1. Open the GPay app on your phone.
  2. On the top right corner you will see the profile section, click on it.
  3. After heading to the profile section, you will find the Settings option, click on it.
  4. Then, find the Privacy & Security option and click on it.
  5. Then, click on the Data and Personalisation option. Find the Google account link mentioned there and click on it.
  6. After clicking on the Google account option, it will take you to the browser and you might be asked to sign in if Google did not find the account logged in. Log in to your Google account to get further options.
  7. Once you are signed in, scroll down and find the Payments transaction & activity section.
  8. Now, you can see the transaction history there, and to delete the transaction you can click on the delete or the cross button beside each transaction history. You can also delete the transaction history in bulk. For that Click on the Delete option and select the transactions you want to delete from the history of your Google Pay (Gpay) app.

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