Google Expands Gemini Chatbot to India And Other South Asian Countries

Google's Gemini chatbot expands to South Asia, including India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Discover its features, device compatibility, and language support.


Google has made a big move in the direction of bringing its Gemini chatbot service to further South Asian nations. It is reported that users in Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and Turkey will be able to access the app and its cutting-edge features because of this expansion. Earlier it was only available in a few regions, thus this action is in line with Google’s goal of expanding the region’s access to its AI-powered chatbot. 

Global Launch and Device compatibility

At first, the Gemini chatbot was restricted to specific Pixel and Samsung Galaxy smartphones. But with the most recent extension, a larger range of devices were granted access.

More specifically, Gemini AI may be easily used in the Messages app on any smartphone with at least 6 GB of RAM. With this launch, millions more people may utilize Google’s sophisticated communications capabilities and its reach is democratized.

Better communication with Gemini AI

Google Gemini Features
Gemini AI (Source: Google)

Gemini’s intelligent support for message creation and idea generation is part of its design to enhance users’ communication experiences. As of this writing, the chatbot speaks English in several nations and French in Canada, further languages are expected to be implemented soon. 

According to Google, it has made clear that it will increase Gemini’s language and geographic availability to offer consumers all around the world seamless AI help.

Exclusion of European Union Nations

Despite its wide reach, Gemini’s launch excludes European Union countries. Due to the region’s complicated regulatory framework and problems with compliance, this exclusion is significant.

Google is still committed to overcoming these obstacles, though, and plans to eventually make Gemini available in EU countries.

India’s Acceptance of Gemini and Language Support

The services are designed to deal with the various language areas of India, supporting English and nine Indian languages: Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Telugu, and Urdu. Google expressed its excitement about launching Gemini in India. This broad appeal guarantees that Gemini’s AI-powered messaging capabilities could be beneficial to the majority of the Indian population.

Gemini Advanced: Overview

Google announced the 1.5 Pro-powered Gemini Advanced service alongside the standard Gemini service. This version of Gemini has a 1-million token context window, supports document uploads, and includes advanced data analysis functions, all of which significantly increase the chatbot’s capabilities.

These improvements are also intended to improve user productivity and offer strong AI-powered support for increasingly difficult jobs.

Google’s upcoming developments and improvements

In terms of its worldwide strategy, Google’s Gemini and Gemini Advanced in South Asia represent an important turning point. The tech giant has further guaranteed users that it would keep improving the chatbot’s features and making it available in other languages and areas.

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