Meta AI Chatbot Now Available in India: A Game Changer for Users With Llama-3

Experience the new Meta AI chatbot in India. Available now on WhatsApp, Facebook, and more. Discover its features and benefits today!


All Indian users now have access to Meta’s Llama-3-powered AI chatbot following several months of testing during the general elections. Nevertheless, Meta AI does not presently support any regional languages other than English.

In April, the company began rolling out Meta AI to a small number of users on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and other platforms in India for testing. A few days later, the company formally launched the bot in over a dozen nations, but not in India, likely because of the country’s upcoming general elections.

In addition to providing access to the chatbot via the search bar within its apps, Meta is also making the tool available via the website.

Features of Meta AI Chatbot

Features of Meta AI Chatbot
Meta AI Features

The features of Meta AI are comparable to those of other chatbots, such as Claude AI from Anthropic, Google’s Gemini AI, and OpenAI’s ChatGPT. You can ask it to help you write emails, organize exercise routines, recommend recipes, or summarize a large amount of text.

The chatbot on Instagram may suggest Reels to watch according to your search term. You will also notice a Meta AI prompt on the Facebook feed, allowing you to ask questions about the post. For instance, you could ask Meta AI for advice on the best locations and times to view the northern lights if you come across a picture of the aurora borealis.

In response to your commands, Meta AI may also produce visuals. In May, experts discovered that when Meta AI creates photos of Indian men, it has a significant inclination to include turbans. Other biases were the constant creation of an archaic Indian home with colourful wooden columns, pitched roofs, and bright colours. Although Meta claimed to be continuously updating its models at the time, it’s unclear if the business had made any adjustments in these areas.

“The same goes for all generative AI systems: this is a new technology and it might not always yield the desired answer. We’ve been continuously updating and improving our models since we debuted, and we’re still working to make them better,” a representative for the company said.

Together with hundreds of millions of other app users, Meta is expanding its chatbot to India, home to 500 million WhatsApp users. While you may communicate with Meta AI one-on-one on WhatsApp, you can also use the chatbot in a group chat to assist with tasks like choosing a movie to watch or organizing a trip. According to the company, Meta AI only has access to the text you use to mention or respond to the chatbot; it is not aware of the context of the group discussion. The company adjusted its model in response to the things you discussed with it.

According to Meta, users cannot disable or conceal the Meta AI features within their app. On the other hand, users have the option to search without triggering the chatbot. The social media giant launched its Gemini app for Android users in India a week ago, and it supports nine regional languages.

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