YouTube to Introduce Custom Playlist Thumbnails For Android Users

YouTube may soon enable custom thumbnails for playlists on Android, enhancing user customization according to a recent APK teardown report.


YouTube may soon allow users to upload thumbnails for custom playlists they create, according to a recent report. Currently, the video-streaming platform permits users to upload thumbnails only for their published videos, not for playlists they curate. However, this may change with the potential addition of a feature that enables thumbnail uploads for playlists on Android devices, as suggested by an APK teardown of the YouTube for Android beta app.

Playlist Thumbnails For Android Users

Android Authority discovered a code during the APK teardown of YouTube for Android beta app version 9.26.33, hinting at a new feature allowing users to upload custom thumbnails for playlists. This feature seems to include a reference to “CustomThumbnailCreationActivity,” suggesting users might soon create custom thumbnails for their playlists.

The report also mentioned that the feature might include error messages for “upload failure,” possibly due to incorrect dimensions. It implies that there will be specific dimension requirements for the thumbnail images to be successfully uploaded.

At present, users can only upload custom thumbnails for individual videos on YouTube for Android. For playlists, the thumbnail is typically based on the first video saved in the playlist, and while it can be switched to another video’s thumbnail, custom uploads are not possible. This new feature would allow users to personalize their playlists further by setting any image as the playlist thumbnail, expanding customization options beyond just the videos included.

YouTube Sleep Timer

In addition to custom thumbnails, YouTube is reportedly developing a sleep timer feature for its Android app. This feature would allow users to set a timer for video playback, stopping it automatically after a set period. The sleep timer might also appear as a notification on the smartphone’s home screen.

This functionality was identified during an APK teardown of the YouTube app for Android version 19.25.33. While a similar feature already exists in YouTube Music, it is speculated to be introduced in the main video-streaming app soon.

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