Amazon New Echo Spot 2024: Affordable Alexa Smart Speaker with Screen

Amazon new Echo Spot 2024, an affordable Alexa smart speaker with a screen. Available in stylish colors with improved display and audio quality.


Amazon has expanded its Alexa-enabled smart gadget collection with the introduction of the Echo Spot smart alarm clock, which also serves as a portable speaker. The device is semi-spherical in shape, with a front-firing speaker beneath a 2.83-inch touchscreen covered in half-circle tinted glass.

It’s the device’s first upgrade since Amazon released the Echo Spot in 2017. The previous version had a semi-circular shape but a full-size display and camera.


Amazon Echo Spot Price
Amazon Echo Spot

The device is available in three colours: black, ocean blue, and glacier white. According to Amazon, consumers can customise the Echo Spot to fit the design of their space. Customers can choose from six colourways—orange, magenta, lime, violet, teal, and blue—to get a feel that suits their taste. Users can also modify the device’s many clock faces.

The Amazon Echo Spot costs $79.99 (about Rs 6,679). Prime members may get the device for USD 44.99 (about Rs 3,756) during the Prime Day sale on July 16 and 17. The device is available in select markets, including the United States. Amazon has not revealed its plans to launch the tablet in India.


The Amazon Echo Spot features a 2.83-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 240×320 pixels. It includes a programmable alarm clock, a weather widget, an interface for viewing song names, and more.

The device also includes physical buttons for turning on/off the microphone and adjusting the volume control. It is powered by Alexa, Amazon’s speech AI, allowing users to ask queries and issue commands to the voice assistant. The company has included ten alternative response animations that can be triggered by certain commands like “Alexa, hello,” “Alexa, goodnight,” and “Alexa, how are you?”

Alexa can handle a variety of tasks, including managing connected smart home devices, receiving audio drop-ins from different Alexa devices, and displaying notifications from compatible smart doorbells.

The company has introduced four new unique alarm sounds: Aurora, Daybreak, Endeavour, and Flutter. It can also be snoozed with a simple tap of the device. Amazon claims that the updated Echo Spot has superior display and audio quality.

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