The Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard in 2023

Discover the top wireless gaming keyboards of 2023, their features, and performance. Choose the right keyboard for your gaming setup.


There are many wireless gaming keyboards available and ready to enter your setup, whether you want to keep your desk uncluttered or you simply want a more portable option. These days, these cordless clickers have extremely low latencies and lengthy battery lives, frequently making them indistinguishable from their cabled counterparts. You still get all the macro controls and high-speed switches you would expect from a high-end set of keys, even though they can still be slightly more expensive than wired counterparts.

Since many of these are among the top gaming keyboards money can buy overall, choosing a cordless model assures you that you won’t be skimping on anything crucial. You won’t have to break the wallet to live that untethered lifestyle, though, because we have nevertheless given careful consideration to every budget here. 

We evaluate durability, design, form factor, and scale, as well as put each keyboard through a series of in-game tests while testing wireless gaming keyboards. We also examine actuation speeds and reaction times. But in order to identify the top wireless gaming keyboards, we constantly monitor the battery life and RGB brightness to make sure no compromises have been made. 

  • ASUS Rog Azoth

Overall, the Asus ROG Azoth is the greatest wireless gaming keyboard, but the extra features cost a lot of money. Therefore, it’s not for individuals who are merely looking for a cable-free setup but for those who want to entirely alter their experience.

Design: The Azoth’s 75% form factor, which preserves all of your navigation and arrow buttons but gives plenty of area for wilder mouse sweeps, draws influence from the pricey world of custom decks. The style is also influenced by it, with darker keycaps surrounding lighter keycaps for a unique keyboard design. The geometric lines on each side and the RGB lighting that runs through each keycap offer the Azoth a delicate appearance that is just faintly penetrated. This keyboard is stunning in both appearance and feel thanks to its thin bezels, robust but durable form factor, and superb key spacing. 

Features: The Azoth’s hot-swappable, gasket mounted design not only allows you to swap out the switches for a whole different feel, but it also ensures that you do it in comfort and style. This is a formula for a very opulent typing experience. Add in highly tactile PBT keycaps and a softer but still sharp feeling ROG NX switch out of the box. The Azoth obviously doesn’t stop there. The upper right corner of the device houses an OLED display panel in addition to 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connectivity. 

Performance: This typing experience is the greatest we’ve experienced in a long time, and the wireless performance is also really good. During our testing, we ran the Azoth nonstop for a week and only stopped to refuel once. Hot-swappable wireless gaming keyboards frequently fall short of their switch-sticking counterparts in terms of speed. However, there is plenty of responsive action below, as well as space for up to six profiles and all the anti-ghosting and N-key rollover you can handle. 

  • Corsair K63 Wireless

Despite the fact that the Corsair K63 Wireless has an MSRP of $109 or £119, we haven’t seen this cheap wireless gaming keyboard retail for more than $100 or £100 in a very long time.

Design: This is a must-see if all you’re looking for is a wire-free setup and you don’t mind giving up some of the more expensive capabilities. The TKL design allows for greater, sweeping mouse movements while maintaining a minimal desktop footprint.

Features: These cordless boards are typically significantly more expensive than their cable counterparts due to the technology they boast, but the Corsair K63 is an exception. This is due to the fact that you’re giving up a few things that improve the quality of life, such as onboard memory, longer battery life, and full spectrum RGB lighting, to get a deck with a strong wifi connection for a low price. You may still take advantage of the 1,000Hz polling rate, full N-key rollover, blue LEDs under your keycaps, and macros assigned to any key. These features, together with the dedicated media controls and wrist rest, make the Corsair K63 Wireless an extremely good bargain today.

Performance: Cherry MX Red switches are working hard to maintain the lightness and speed of your keypresses. Even better, you can just slide it into a different lap board for Xbox couch play. As is typical of these less expensive Corsair keyboards, the sound of each keypress does resonate slightly more than we prefer. Without the frills of onboard profiles, you still have more than enough speed for regular gaming.

  • Logitech G915 Lightspeed

For a long time, the Logitech G915 Lightspeed was regarded as the pinnacle of wireless gaming keyboards.

Design: This board’s snappy low profile mechanical keys and slimline, modern look will have you flying around the board in no time. Compared to other larger boards, the Logitech G915 has a more understated look. Each of the thin keycaps feels firmly in place, and the brushed baseplate is substantial to the touch. The top right corner’s dedicated media controls, a volume roller, and macro buttons on the left are all conveniently located there. Since this is a larger deck by design, mouse sweeps won’t have much area if your setup is crowded.

Features: For your money, you get a ton of extra features, like five macro keys, a range of media controls, an aluminium top shell, and simultaneous pairing with two devices. This means that it is not exactly a cheap gaming keyboard, but due to its age, we are seeing a decline in the MSRP of $229.99 / £209.99. Prices are now closer to $180 / £140, which is still a significant investment but far from approaching Razer’s pricing. 

Performance: A superb Lightspeed dongle receiver sending data to your PC with ease will also ensure that your wireless connection keeps up. Each key responds perfectly in time, allowing for quick gameplay and an especially quick deck to manoeuvre. That’s because each key travels farther apart thanks to the low profile design. It might not seem like much, but on the battlefield (and after you’ve developed the necessary muscle memory), it might mean the world. 

  • Cherry MX-LP 2.1

The MX-LP 2.1, created by Cherry in collaboration with Xtrfy, is one of the company’s first gaming keyboards and fits a premium set of clickers into an impossibly small case. 

Design: The smaller frame does mean that you lose some extra functionality, such as media controls, but the 65% form factor makes sure that the crucial arrow keys are still functional. However, the reduced weight does not imply a lower quality construction. This construction feels sturdy and long-lasting in every way, but it won’t make your backpack heavier. Yes, this design is entirely made of plastic, but given that it’s still solidly constructed and exhibits very little flex on the main deck, we’d gladly trade the increased portability for a bulky, heavy aluminium frame. 

Features: If you’re taking your wireless gaming keyboard on the go, you’ll be glad to hear there’s not just excellent connectivity options here, but switching between the three Bluetooth channels with a simple key command. Of course, you’re paying over $100, so we could have expected to see PBT here instead of the less expensive ABS.

Performance: As a result, we were moving a little bit more quickly than we were on our daily driver, the Asus ROG Azoth above, when we were jumping over the main deck in both work and play. 

At the end of a lengthy testing day, the size did start to affect comfort levels. This is especially true given that the extra height offered in the rear still makes the experience a little flatter than ideal. 

  • SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Wireless

It is not cheap to get the SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Wireless. Given that it is just a 60% deck, this item costs $239.99 / £219.99, which is a lot to ask. Although we do believe the MSRP is a little outrageous, if you find it on sale, this might be one of your finest setup choices.

Design: The Apex Pro Mini Wireless has a fairly basic appearance. There are few bezels and no flex in the main deck, and the black keyboard is supported by a sturdy baseplate. We did observe the absence of arrow keys in this design, which gives it an old-fashioned vibe reminiscent of the core 60% decks of yesteryear.These vital clickers are kept by many modern compact computers, thus it is disappointing that SteelSeries has neglected to include them in this expensive product. 

Features: The heavy lifting is done by the OmniPoint 2.0 switches located under each doubleshot PBT keycap. These switches may be configured to actuate between 0.2mm and 3.8mm, allowing you to fine-tune the sensitivity of your typing experience. Additionally, there are media controls, macros, and a variety of RGB customising choices that are connected to dual-function keys in other places. 

Performance: During our testing, we found that the shortest setting of those switches was a little too light for our touch and recorded a lower overall WPM rate than the regular out-of-the-box 1.8mm option. But dual-actuation is what really has the advantage. Up to eight keys can be programmed using the SteelSeries GG software to enable two macros per keypress, one assigned to a lighter press and the other to a full bottom out. 

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