Top 10 Gaming Mouses of 2023: The ultimate choice for gamers and eSports players


Over the past few years, the top gaming mouse has seen significant change, and now the best wireless devices offer the same or even lower latency than certain wired counterparts. The stability of a wired connection may still be preferable to you, but in most situations, you won’t be able to tell the difference. You should choose a gaming mouse that is suitable for your chosen grip styles and your hand size while shopping for the best one. It ought to have a quick click response time and a high polling rate as well. You should choose a mouse that goes well with the games you enjoy playing because mice don’t come in one size fits all. For instance, you might want a lighter model for first-person shooter games or a mouse with more functionality.

  • Razer Basilisk V3

The Razer Basilisk V3 is the top gaming mouse to ever leave our lab. Its nine programmable buttons, well-designed shape, and opulent, tactile feel make it suitable for a range of gaming genres and even business applications. There are 13 customisable buttons total if you consider all the scroll wheel inputs. Although it weighs more than other first-person shooter mice designed to be ultra-lightweight, it glides easily and has a special sniper button that instantly lowers DPI for headshots. 

Sensor: Razer Focus+

DPI: Up to 20,000 native (26,000 via software)

IPS: 650 IPS

Acceleration: 50g

Interface: USB Type-A cable

Ergonomics: Right-handed ergonomic

Programmable Buttons: 13, including 5x scroll wheel

Weight: 3.3 ounces (93.55g)

Price: INR 4818

  • Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro

In comparison to the DeathAdder V2 Pro, the Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro has experienced a small but significant improvement that makes it more haptic, ergonomic, and lightweight. The new V3 Pro sports five programmable buttons, a split key cover design rather than the traditional unibody shell, and a thin profile. It only has a 2.22 oz (63g) weight. In order to save weight, Razer eliminated unnecessary functions like RGB and Bluetooth from the V3 Pro. 

The DeathAdder V3 Pro may not be as impressive as other gaming mice, but it still has a ton of features packed inside its incredibly light design. The mouse uses an optical sensor called the Focus Pro 30K from Razer, which has a maximum sensitivity of 30,000DPI, a tracking speed of 750 IPS, and an acceleration of

Sensor: Razer Focus Pro 30K

DPI: 30,000

IPS: 750

Acceleration: 70g

Interface: USB Type-A dongle, Bluetooth or wired

Ergonomics: Right-handed

Programmable Buttons: 5

Weight: 2.22 ounces (63g)

Price: INR 12,499

  • Corsair Katar Pro XT

The Corsair Katar Pro XT is the best gaming mouse if you’re looking for a luxurious, comfortable gaming mouse at a fair price. With a weight of just 2.68 ounces, this thin mouse is easy to adjust and great for prolonged gaming sessions. Despite being an inexpensive mouse, it boasts a gorgeous, ambidextrous shell that feels high-quality and has a modest profile. Thanks to PTFE feet and a paracord USB-Type-A tether, the mouse from Corsair, marketed at FPS and MOBA gamers, glides without cable drag.

Sensor: Pixart PMW3391

DPI: 18,000

IPS: 400

Acceleration: 50g

Interface: USB Type-A

Ergonomics: Right-handed, claw, fingertip

Programmable Buttons: 6

Weight: 2.68 ounces (73g)

Price: INR 1676

  • Redragon M686 Vampire Elite

The Chinese business Redragon, which is also listed on our page as the best wireless keyboards, may not be a name you’re familiar with, but we’re learning more and more about it. The well-made, reasonably priced M686 Vampire Elite is presently under $36 and features many characteristics of a high-end wireless gaming mouse. This has 8 programmable buttons, some of which can be controlled by macros, as well as quick USB-C charging (Redragon claims under 5.5 hours for a full charge) via its 5.9-foot braided cable. This might be the greatest wireless mouse for gamers with a $50 maximum spending limit. 

Sensor: PixArt PMW3335

Connectivity: USB Type-A dongle or wired

Battery: Rechargeable via USB-C

Weight: 4.37 ounces (123.89g)

Price: INR 3151

The Logitech G502 X Plus is the replacement for the Logitech G502 Lightspeed. It boasts a minor redesign that is less angular and aggressive, as well as an extremely attractive eight-zone RGB light strip that will look wonderful on your desk, even though it keeps the general shape of its predecessor.

The G502 X Plus also boasts some internal enhancements, such as the newest Hero 25K sensor from Logitech, which has a maximum DPI of 25,600, a maximum speed of 400IPS, and can withstand acceleration of up to 40 G. The new “Lightforce” switches from the company are also included; these hybrid optical-mechanical switches were created to combine the tactility and feel of mechanical switches with the speed and durability of optical switches. The mouse contains 13 customizable buttons, two more than the Razer Basilisk V3 Pro, which has a similar appearance, and a dual-mode tilt wheel that allows you to choose between notched and free-scrolling modes.

Sensor: Logitech Hero 25K

DPI: 26,000IPS: 400

Acceleration: 40g

Interface: 2.4GHz wireless, wired (USB-C)

Programmable Buttons: 13

Weight: 3.74oz / 106g

Price: INR 15,495

  • Logitech G Pro Wireless

As high-end as gaming mice come, the Logitech G Pro Wireless gaming mouse offers one of the most ergonomic designs available. It is ambidextrous, with a pleasingly soft, matte plastic shell, and will occupy both left and right hands for hours. The lightweight, 1mm shell makes it look manageable without seeming cheap, and the coating increases your grip. The PTFE feet make it lightweight and allow for easy movement. 

Sensor: Logitech HERO 16K

Connectivity: USB Type-A dongle or wired

Battery: Rechargeable over MicroUSB

Weight: 2.82 ounces (79.95g)

Price: 10,495

  • Glorious Model O-

The Glorious Model O-‘s chassis is riddled with holes, which reduces weight. The Model O- is a tiny, lightweight Glorious mouse that is not ambidextrous like the other Glorious mouse on this website. That makes it ideal for claw or even fingertip grips, especially in games with a lot of twitch. Naturally, the Model O- and Model D- on this page will feel appropriate as well. 

Sensor: Pixart PMW-3360

DPI: 12,000

IPS: 250

Acceleration: 50G

Interface: USB

Ergonomics: Ambidextrous, claw grip or small hands

Programmable Buttons: 5

Weight: 2.08 ounces (58g)

  • Corsair Ironclaw RGB

The finest gaming mouse with wide handles for folks with large hands is the Corsair Ironclaw RGB wireless pointer (also available in a wired version). At 3 inches (77mm) at its widest point, it is the thickest mouse in the group. We’ve given it the moniker Palmhugger since it’s so amazingly cosy for right-handed palm grips. 

The optical Pixart PMW3391 sensor in this mouse has a high DPI of 18,000 and one of the highest IPS ratings, at about 450. If you’re not a competitive player, even with this top-notch hardware, you might not see much of a benefit over competitors. 

Sensor: Pixart PMW3391

DPI: 18,000

IPS: 450

Acceleration: 50g

Interface: Wireless (2.4 GHz USB Type-A dongle or Bluetooth)

Ergonomics: Right-handed, palm grips

Programmable Buttons: 5

Weight: 4.59 ounces (130g)

  •  Logitech G Pro X Superlight

An upgrade to the already fantastic Logitech G Pro Wireless (featured on this page), the Logitech G Pro X Superlight is a great product. But even though it requires a power source, the G Pro X Superlight manages to be surprisingly lightweight, earning itself the title of finest wireless mouse for first-person shooter games. The Glorious Model D-, a wired honeycomb mouse, weighs 2.15 ounces, whereas it is somewhat lighter at 2.12 ounces. This accomplishment is very astounding.

Sensor: Logitech HERO 25K

Connectivity: USB Type-A dongle or wired

Battery: Rechargeable via MicroUSB

Weight: 2.12 ounces (60g)

  • Razer Naga V2 Pro

With the Naga V2 Pro, which keeps the interchangeable side plates of its predecessor and adds a specially adjustable scroll wheel that lets users adjust scroll tension, the number of scroll steps, and the haptic sensation, Razer has further increased the versatility of its very adaptable MMO-focused Naga mouse. 

Three different side plates with 12, 6, and 2 buttons may be swapped out for this medium-sized wireless mouse’s three connectivity options (2.4GHz, Bluetooth, and wired via USB-C). The three-click scroll wheel and the profile switch on the mouse’s bottom are included in the maximum number of programmable buttons, which is up to 20. The magnetic side plates are simple to swap out and even conceal a compartment where the 2.4GHz wireless dongle of the mouse is kept when not in use. 

Sensor: Focus Pro 30K Optical Sensor

DPI: 30,000

IPS: 750

Acceleration: 70G

Interface: 6-ft USB-C to USB-A, Razer Speedflex

Programmable Buttons: 10/14/20 (including 3-click scroll wheel)

Weight: 4.72oz / 134g

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