PUBG Esports Expands Global Partner Team Program for 2024

PUBG Esports takes a leap forward in 2024, introducing two new Global Partner Teams - CERBERUS Esports and Daytrade Gaming. Get ready for an exciting season as these teams join the elite lineup for PUBG Global Series 2024 Phase 3.


PUBG Esports has unveiled the lineup of 10 teams selected for the 2024 PUBG Esports Global Partner Team program. The announcement includes the return of eight organizations from the previous year and introduces two newcomers. These partnered teams are set to make their first major appearance at the PUBG Global Series 2024 Phase 3, scheduled offline for May 2024.

The two new Global Partner Teams are CERBERUS Esports and Daytrade Gaming. CERBERUS Esports has been engaged in PUBG Esports since 2019, initially signing its first Vietnamese roster. Staying true to its roots, the Vietnamese organization exclusively signs players from its region. Notably, CERBERUS Esports secured victory at the PUBG Vietnam Series 2023: Spring and achieved a 7th place finish at the recent PUBG Global Championship.

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Daytrade Gaming, a Thai organization, joined PUBG Esports in 2019 with its original team named ‘Daytrade BEAR.’ The team has enjoyed regional success, winning the PUBG Thailand Series 2023 – Phase 1 last year and placing 13th out of 32 teams on the international stage at the PUBG Global Championship 2023.

According to PUBG’s announcement, Krafton, the South Korean video game publisher, assessed teams globally using extensive criteria, particularly Fandom. The selection of CERBERUS Esports and Daytrade Gaming was based on the passionate fanbases dedicated to Esports.

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These two teams join the eight existing PUBG organizations named Global Partner Teams in the previous year:

  1. 17Gaming
  2. FaZe CLAN
  3. Four Angry Men
  4. Gen.G
  5. NAVI
  6. Petrichor Road
  7. Soniqs
  8. Twisted Minds

During the PUBG Global Series 2024 Phase 3 LAN event, the 10 partner teams will be accompanied by the top 14 teams from the Phase 1 leagues. Specific details such as dates and location for the event are yet to be announced. A notable change from 2023 is the increase in Global Partner Teams from eight to 10. In the previous year’s Phase 3, the composition of Global Partner Teams included three from Europe, four from Asia, and one from the Americas.

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