Samsung Launches Galaxy Ring: Your Health and Your Style in 2024

Explore Samsung's Galaxy Ring, a health-focused wearable including sleep tracking, a vitality score, and AI integration. Enhance your wellness journey with elegance and intellect.


Samsung has officially introduced the Galaxy Ring, a health-centric wearable device, during the Mobile World Congress 2024 (MWC 2024). Set to hit the market later this year, the Galaxy Ring prioritizes health and wellness and will be available in three elegant colours: platinum silver, gold, and ceramic black.

Although Samsung initially teased the Galaxy Ring at last month’s Unpacked event, providing limited details, the MWC 2024 presentation offers a closer examination of the device. Described as a chunky, concave ring similar in size to the Oura ring, the Galaxy Ring incorporates a suite of sensors within its design.

Contrary to its substantial appearance, early impressions suggest that the Galaxy Ring is lighter than anticipated. Available in sizes ranging from 5 to 13, marked S through XL inside the band, the device’s battery capacity will vary depending on size, ensuring extended usage between charges.

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Key Features of the Samsung Galaxy Ring:

  1. Sleep Tracking: Utilizing heart rate, movement, and breathing data, the Galaxy Ring will furnish users with personalized sleep insights and recommendations.
  2. My Vitality Score: Introducing a novel tool to measure alertness, users can assess their readiness for the day and receive science-based tips through “Booster Cards” derived from sleep and activity data.
  3. Compatibility and Ecosystem Integration: As an integral part of the Samsung Health ecosystem, the Galaxy Ring seamlessly integrates with the Galaxy Watch, enabling users to amalgamate both devices for comprehensive health tracking.

Additionally, Samsung envisions artificial intelligence (AI) as a pivotal component of its health services, aiming to harness large language models for deeper insights into users’ health data. Dr Hon Pak, Samsung’s VP, emphasized the potential for AI-driven digital assistants to provide personalized health advice and foster behaviour change.

While Bixby, Samsung’s digital assistant, is expected to play a significant role, Pak highlighted the ongoing exploration of alternative interfaces. The company is also considering a subscription model for the Samsung Health app, prioritizing comprehensive health insights.

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Looking forward, Samsung promises further details on the Galaxy Ring’s sensor suite, pricing, and compatibility with other devices. While initial compatibility will be limited to Samsung Galaxy phones, plans to expand compatibility to other Android devices are underway, with iOS compatibility also under consideration.

As Samsung continues to push boundaries in the wearable technology landscape, the Galaxy Ring emerges as a promising addition, seamlessly blending advanced health-tracking capabilities with AI-driven insights to empower users on their wellness journey.

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