Disney+ Hotstar’s Record-Breaking 5.9 Crore Viewers During World Cup Finals

Explore how Disney+ Hotstar made history by achieving an extraordinary 5.9 crore concurrent viewership during the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup finals. Discover the tech innovations and strategies that powered this monumental feat.


The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup may not have resulted in India’s victory, but it marked a significant triumph for Disney+ Hotstar, setting a global standard with a staggering 5.9 crore concurrent viewers during the finals between hosts and Australia.

Mukund Acharya, Head of Technology at Disney+ Hotstar, attributed this achievement to a series of new product and tech features geared toward ensuring an uninterrupted streaming experience for users during milestone matches.

Key innovations included an optimized data-saving mode for high-quality streaming with minimal mobile data usage, the introduction of the vertical MaxView mode in collaboration with the International Cricket Council (ICC) for on-the-go streaming, and AI-powered video clarity enhancements, alongside live match feeds and scorecards.

Acharya highlighted the team’s exhaustive efforts in the lead-up to the World Cup, optimizing streaming quality across devices, resolving last-mile delivery issues, and enhancing application performance on a newly re-architected platform. Rigorous stress testing was conducted to simulate potential usage scenarios during the matches.

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To tackle anticipated traffic spikes, Disney+ Hotstar collaborated with tech partners in advance, fortifying its capabilities to eliminate streaming lags or disruptions. Additionally, the platform focused on democratizing streaming access, ensuring users across India could enjoy an optimal experience, regardless of location, device, or reliance on mobile data.

Unique solutions like custom data saver modes, the vertical MaxView format for mobile users, and innovative production techniques such as single-player frames and split screens distinguished Disney+ Hotstar amidst the streaming landscape.

Acharya emphasized their end-to-end control over production, transmission, encoding, and streaming within the network, enabling agility and fostering innovations that continually enhance the streaming experience.

Disney+ Hotstar’s historic viewership surge during the World Cup finals showcased not only technological prowess but also a strategic approach to delivering unparalleled streaming experiences to millions of avid viewers across India.

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