Apple Releases iOS 17.3 and iPadOS 17.3: Introduces Stolen Device Protection and Collaborative Playlists

Unlock a new level of security with iOS 17.3's Stolen Device Protection, requiring Face ID or Touch ID for critical actions. Apple Music gets a boost with collaborative playlists, while AirPlay gains features like hotel TV streaming.


Apple Releases iOS 17.3 and iPadOS 17.3

Today, Apple has rolled out iOS 17.3 and iPadOS 17.3 for supported devices. Unlike some other mobile OS updates, Apple ensures a simultaneous release for all users.

The highlight of this iOS update is the introduction of the Stolen Device Protection feature. This security enhancement provides an extra layer of protection in case of theft, especially when the thief has access to your passcode.

With Stolen Device Protection, accessing saved passwords now requires Face ID or Touch ID. Changing critical settings, such as your Apple ID password or device passcode, is subject to a security delay. This delay involves requiring Face ID or Touch ID, followed by an hour waiting period, and then an additional successful biometric authentication.

This feature addresses a crucial security aspect, bringing a sensible solution to a long-standing need. It is expected that other mobile operating systems, particularly Google and Android, may draw inspiration from this and implement similar measures.

In addition to the Stolen Device Protection feature, the update includes a new wallpaper and introduces collaborative playlist features in Apple Music. Users can now collaborate on playlists with friends, even adding emoji reactions to individual tracks. Furthermore, AirPlay now supports streaming content directly to the TV in select hotels, and Crash detection has been optimized for improved performance.

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Previously Updated Features in iOS 17.2

iOS 17.2, released in late 2023, brought a wave of new features and improvements to iPhones. Here are some of the most notable ones:

Journal: A brand new app designed for capturing and reflecting on life’s moments. Journal lets you create entries with text, photos, videos, and audio, and it even offers intelligent suggestions based on your activity and reminders. You can also lock entries with Touch ID or Face ID for extra privacy.

Action button enhancements: The Action button, a customizable shortcut accessible from various places in iOS, gained a new “Translate” option on iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. This lets you quickly translate phrases or have conversations in real time with someone speaking another language.

Spatial Video Recording (iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max): This feature allows you to capture videos in 3D, adding depth and realism to your recordings. These videos can be viewed in the Photos app as normal videos, but the full 3D experience requires the upcoming Apple Vision Pro headset.

Improved Telephoto camera: iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max users also benefit from a faster telephoto camera focusing speed, making it easier to capture sharp photos of small, faraway objects.

AirDrop improvements: Sharing files and contacts via AirDrop became even more convenient. You can now share boarding passes, movie tickets, and other eligible passes simply by bringing two iPhones together. Additionally, AirDrop now supports sharing a wider range of contact information, like nicknames and social media profiles.

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Other noteworthy features:

  • Siri access to Health data: Ask Siri questions about your health data, like how many hours you slept last night.
  • Redesigned Sharing tab in Fitness: See highlights of your friends’ activity, like workout streaks and awards.
  • Favourite Songs Playlist in Apple Music: Quickly access your favourite songs.
  • New Memoji stickers and customization options: Express yourself with new Halo, Smirk, and Peekaboo stickers, and choose from a wider range of body types for your Memoji avatars.
  • Enhanced autofill: Automatically fill out forms with information like names and addresses.
  • Crash Detection Optimizations (iPhone 14 models): Improved accuracy of crash detection.

iOS 17.3 is a significant update that offers a variety of new ways to use your iPhone. Whether you’re looking for a way to capture and preserve memories, communicate more effectively, or simply be more productive, there’s something new in iOS 17.3 for you.

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