Apple Vision Pro: The next generation of computing is here

Explore Apple's groundbreaking Vision Pro, a spatial computer offering immersive experiences with a 3D interface, advanced technology, and privacy features.


Apple has unveiled the future of computing with the groundbreaking Apple Vision Pro. This spatial computer redefines how users interact with the digital world, seamlessly blending it with the real environment. Let’s dive into the world of Apple Vision Pro and its extraordinary features.

Vision Pro’s Immersive 3D Interface

Apple Vision Pro introduces a fully three-dimensional user interface, making interaction as natural as possible – through your eyes, hands, and voice. It breaks the boundaries of traditional displays, offering an infinite canvas for applications. This immersive experience is powered by visionOS, the world’s first spatial operating system. With an exclusive Apple silicon in a dual-chip design and an ultra-high-resolution display system boasting 23 million pixels across two screens, Vision Pro makes digital information feel physically present.

Remarkable New Experiences

Apple Vision Pro enhances your computing experience by transforming how you engage with apps, capture memories, enjoy content, and connect with others. VisionOS unleashes apps from the confines of a display, allowing them to coexist at any scale, providing limitless possibilities for work and play. Productivity soars with abundant screen space, easy access to favourite apps, and multitasking capabilities. You can also transform Vision Pro into a large, portable 4K display, seamlessly integrating it with your Mac, thanks to compatibility with Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad.

Engaging Entertainment

Turn any space into a personal movie theatre with Vision Pro’s two ultra-high-resolution screens and Spatial Audio system, providing an immersive cinematic experience. Watch movies, TV shows, or stunning 3D films on a 100-foot-wide screen. Apple Immersive Video offers access to immersive videos with 180-degree high-resolution recordings and Spatial Audio. Discover new gaming genres, as spatial computing enables immersive gameplay. Enjoy over 100 Apple Arcade games on the screen of your choice with immersive audio and support for popular game controllers.

Interactive Environments

Vision Pro introduces “Environments,” expanding your surroundings beyond physical space with vibrant sceneries. Customise your level of immersion by adjusting the Digital Crown. This feature helps you concentrate or reduce clutter in crowded areas, enhancing your experience.

Experiences Come to Life

Equipped with Apple’s first three-dimensional camera, Vision Pro lets you capture and relive your most cherished moments. Every spatial image and video transports you back in time, offering a lifelike experience. Access your entire photo library on iCloud, view images and videos in life-size, vivid colour, and exquisite detail. Panoramic iPhone photos wrap around you, placing you right where the photo was taken.

Spatial FaceTime Calls

FaceTime calls are visually enhanced by Apple Vision Pro, incorporating Visual Audio that makes it feel like participants are speaking from their actual locations. Users are represented as “Personas,” created by Apple using advanced machine learning. Personas mirror real-time face and hand movements, allowing collaboration during video calls.

Even More App Experiences

Vision Pro introduces a new App Store, where users can explore apps and content tailored for the innovative input methods of Vision Pro. Developers can redesign existing apps or create entirely new ones for spatial computing, offering fresh app experiences.

Operating System and User Interface Innovations

VisionOS was designed to meet the low-latency requirements of spatial computing, combining engineering innovation from macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. This groundbreaking operating system offers powerful spatial experiences that utilise the space around you, opening new possibilities at home and work. VisionOS creates lifelike shadows and reacts dynamically to natural light, making digital content blend seamlessly with your environment. Apple Vision Pro introduces a new input system, controlled by your eyes, hands, and voice, enabling effortless navigation and interaction with spatial content.

Ingenious Design

Apple Vision Pro represents the pinnacle of personal electronics, leveraging Apple’s expertise in building high-performance devices. Crafted with cutting-edge materials, this incredibly advanced device features a three-dimensionally manufactured and laminated glass surface, providing a lens for multiple cameras and sensors. The modular design ensures a custom fit, while the aluminium alloy frame curves gracefully over your face. A soft fabric Light Seal is available in various sizes and forms for a perfect fit. The Headband, knitted as a single piece, offers cushioning, breathability, and flexibility, keeping audio close to your ears. Switching to a different band style or size is hassle-free.

Unbeatable Hardware Innovation

Apple Vision Pro packs incredible computing capabilities into a small wearable device. With micro-OLED technology, it offers two screens, each with 23 million pixels, providing exceptional sharpness and clarity. Spatial Audio technology creates an immersive sound environment. The high-performance eye tracking system enables responsive, intuitive input. Apple silicon powers these innovations in a unique dual-chip configuration. The R1 chip processes data from 12 cameras, five sensors, and six microphones, delivering real-time experiences. Apple Vision Pro’s external battery offers up to two hours of operation during the day.

Leading-Edge Privacy and Security

Privacy is paramount with Apple Vision Pro. Optic ID, a secure authentication technology, uses invisible LED light exposures to analyse your iris for quick unlocking. Your Optic ID data remains encrypted and secure on your device, never stored on Apple servers. Eye tracking data remains private, shar     ed with neither Apple nor third-party apps or websites. EyeSight provides visual cues to indicate when you’re taking spatial images or videos.

Cost and Availability

Apple Vision Pro will be available starting early 2019, priced at $3,499 (U.S.) on and in U.S. Apple Store locations, with availability in more countries later. Customers can experience, customise, and learn about Vision Pro at Apple Store locations. Experience the future of computing with Apple Vision Pro.

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