12 Remarkable Ways Smartphones Have Transformed Our Lives

In this article, we will discuss 12 ways smartphones have transformed our lives


Our lives increasingly include mobile phones as “part and parcel.” Without cell phones, we are unable to even imagine our daily lives. As of yet, it has been observed that the idea of “mobile” has developed with the passage of time, notably in the previous 10 years, and has transitioned from straightforward hand-held mobile phones to a multi-featured device that is now a requirement for everyone.

How/when Mobile was created:

On April 3, 1973, Motorola CEO and researcher Martin Cooper placed the first call on a mobile device using hand-held subscriber equipment. The first manufacturer of handheld mobile phones was Motorola.

These phones were initially known as OG mobile phones (Zero Generation Mobile Phones), but they have now evolved into 3G or 4G mobiles with a variety of brand-new capabilities that have made them an integral part of modern life.

In this article, we’ll talk about how mobile technology has changed our way of life, both positively and negatively:

Six Beneficial effects of mobile phones on daily life:

1. Maintain contact

Mobile phones’ primary function is to maintain constant contact with our loved ones, no matter how far apart they may be. Through phoning, texting, emailing, video calling, public or social media, it helps us stay in touch with our loved ones, family, friends, and the rest of society. Mobile phones thus serve a crucial role in connecting individuals and have a good impact on the health of elderly people. Adults who maintain contact with others, whether in person, over the phone, or via email, according to doctors. Or simply by texting, people are happier and healthier.

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 2. Knowledge repository

A smartphone can be viewed as a crucial educational tool. We can instantly resolve every issue, get satisfactory answers to all of our questions, and clear up every ambiguity with the aid of the internet. Students can benefit from mobile devices that have a variety of learning apps by continuing their education in an engaging and efficient manner, which will help them improve their skills and knowledge. In a manner, a mobile phone is a gift for everyone, providing access to the “World’s Biggest Library” anytime needed.

3. Multiple utility devices

Mobile phones’ multipurpose functionality is one reason why they are so crucial in our daily lives. One can easily utilise a mobile device for calculations, setting reminders for events like birthdays, meetings, and activities, in addition to making calls and staying in touch with others. It is simple to use as a torch whenever necessary. The most recent feature phones are built to function across multiple GSM networks. Files and documents can be transferred from one device to another (for long and short distances, respectively) with the aid of “WhatsApp,” “Emails,” and “Bluetooth.”

4. Sense of security

Emergency services also rely heavily on mobile phones as instruments. It is a piece of safety equipment that enables us to track precise locations via GPRS (General Packet Radio Services, a constant internet connection for users of mobile devices and computers). You can always call for rescue or assistance in emergencies such as car accidents, mechanical failures, physical illnesses, or medical crises. According to data, 40% of cell phone owners claimed that having their phone with them during an emergency situation was helpful.

5. Entertainment

Nowadays, mobile phones have transformed into a source of entertainment for all of their users by offering

  • Meditation and other exercise videos
  • Internet access
  • Music-listening apps
  • Numerous applications for both online and offline games
  • Video or movie streaming applications
  • Access to films and cartoons for kids on mobile devices

6. Memorable moments

High quality cameras on smartphones enable us to record our life’s most memorable moments. Anywhere, at any moment, you can take this photo to preserve a memory.

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Six harmful effects of mobile phones on daily life

Despite the necessity and use of mobile phones in our daily lives, there are a number of drawbacks to frequent mobile phone use.


One of the biggest negatives of using a mobile phone is its capacity to diminish social feelings, making people more socially disruptive, logical, and introverted; absorbed in their own world and full of self-centred expressions like “I,” “me,” “my,” and “myself.” There are less face-to-face conversations today. They do prefer to stare at their mobile devices during group meetings rather than converse with one another.

2. Lack of family time

In some ways, mobile devices isolate people from their friends, family, and other loved ones. Ironically, while mobile devices might help us connect with people, they also frequently cause us to become estranged from our families and the outside world. 

3. Health issues

There is a lot of conjecture that using a mobile phone can be harmful to your health. Its radiation is dangerous and can lead to serious illnesses including cancer, nervous breakdown or nerve disease, eye damage, impaired brain function, irritability, insomnia, migraines, and many others.

4. Accidents 

Accidents occur when people are distracted by their smartphones while crossing the street. They frequently continue wandering about while talking on the phone or listening to music through headphones without even feeling the need to look around. As a result, thousands of fatal accidents and catastrophic incidents have place every year. The use of mobile devices while driving is a significant contributor to collisions and fatalities that follow.

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5. Effect on child development

Children today are addicted to their mobile devices. Their eyes are hooked to their mobile devices as they watch cartoons, view movies, or play games. The development of children’s brains, nervous systems, eyesight, psychology, hearing ability, reaction times, sleep patterns, and many other areas may be compromised by excessive mobile phone use. Doctor. According to Nora Volkow, the study’s chief author, “Child’s brain would absorb more radiation than those of Adults” based on modelling studies.

6. Nomophobia

Excessive cell phone use causes the emergency condition “Nomophobia,” which is the dread of being without a mobile device or out of reach of a mobile phone.

Numerous rehab facilities all around the world seem to cope with this emotional, social, and physical problem brought on by “mobile addiction.” According to a recent survey funded by SecurEnvoy, the percentage of people who fear going without a cell phone has increased from 53% to 66% since 2008.

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