Apple Reseller Issues Warning: Avoid Android USB-C Cables for iPhone 15 Series

Remain informed! Learn the reasons why utilizing Android USB-C cables with your iPhone 15 Series is not recommended by an Apple Reseller. Protect your device by learning about potential compatibility issues.


On September 13 at the Apple ‘Wanderlust’ event, the iPhone 15 series was unveiled. This year’s corporate flagship series underwent some important changes, one of which was the addition of USB Type-C charging connections, which are common on many Android smartphones. If you’re thinking about charging your iPhone 15 series with an Android cable, one Apple dealer has apparently advised against it. The USB Type-C port on the most recent iPhone series supports a variety of functions, according to a prior report. 

The iPhone 15 lineup, which included a base model, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max, made its debut on September 13 at Apple’s launch event. The specifications of cellphones have changed significantly from their predecessors. In keeping with a number of Android smartphones, the business has introduced the USB Type-C port with this series for all recently released Apple products. 

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An Apple dealer in China, however, has advised against doing this if users intend to utilize an Android cable with iPhone devices. An article has been published by an Apple store in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China, requesting that iPhone owners refrain from charging their cellphones with an Android USB Type-C cable because doing so could cause the devices to burn.

According to the study, many users believe it is a ploy used by Apple to push people to buy their original charging cords in order to boost sales. It should be noted that Apple already indicated on its support page that consumers can utilize a USB Type-C standard connector to charge their recently released iPhones. 

Remember that the 0.3W output of the lightning port is 15 times lower than that of the new USB Type-C port in Apple devices. When purchasing iPhone 15 Pro cellphones, the firm includes a USB 2-compatible cable in the box. Users can get a USB-3-compatible cable from the business’s online, offline, and reseller locations for a faster data transfer rate.

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