Next-Gen Apple Vision Pro Expected in Late 2026, Promising Enhanced Spatial Experience

Mark Gurman hints at a successor to the Apple Vision Pro arriving in at least 18 months, aiming for a late 2026 release. Despite initial challenges, Apple's commitment to refining the spatial computing device suggests an improved and user-friendly mixed-reality headset in the making.


The Apple Vision Pro, hailed as Apple’s inaugural “spatial computer,” has garnered praise from both reviewers and consumers, despite some drawbacks such as weight and eye strain reported by users. Enthusiasm is high for the potential improvements in the next iteration of the Vision Pro.

In the latest Power On newsletter from Bloomberg, Mark Gurman suggests that the successor to the Apple Vision Pro is still “at least 18 months away,” indicating a potential release in the second half of 2026. Following the launch of the Vision Pro earlier this month, Gurman noted that the product was still a “work in progress” and presented challenges for daily use.

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While the 18-month timeline may seem lengthy for eager Apple enthusiasts awaiting the next Apple Vision Pro iteration, it provides the tech giant with ample time to address concerns, refine the device, and enhance the user experience. This delay suggests Apple’s commitment to delivering a more polished and user-friendly mixed-reality headset in its subsequent release.

Apple Vision Pro (Photo Source: Apple)
Apple Vision Pro (Photo Source: Apple)

While Mark Gurman shares insights about the potential release timeline for the successor to the Apple Vision Pro, he doesn’t provide information on the speculated pocket-friendly version that has been circulating online. This rumoured device is said to feature an iPhone chipset and a downgraded display. Additionally, it remains unclear whether the second-generation Vision Pro will represent an incremental upgrade or a more substantial improvement over its predecessor.

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In a previous statement, Gurman mentioned that the team working on the Vision believed that the mixed reality headset was still ‘four generations’ away from its ideal form. Despite its current drawbacks, particularly noted in Gurman’s earlier assessment of it being challenging for daily use, Apple enthusiasts appear eager to experience the Vision Pro. This enthusiasm is reflected in the unofficial sales of the device outside the United States, where it has reportedly been sold for as much as $5,000. The anticipation for future iterations and potential improvements underscores the ongoing interest and demand for Apple’s venture into the mixed reality space.

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