A guide to building the perfect gaming PC for shooting genres


Fast-paced first-person shooters (FPS) and tactical third-person shooters (TPS) are both in the shooting genre, and both need accuracy, speed, and high-quality graphics. You need a gaming PC designed to meet these particular requirements if you want to win the virtual war.

Choosing the Right CPU

High Clock Speed: For a seamless gaming experience, shooting games need quick processing. If you enjoy playing competitive shooters, go for a CPU with a high clock speed.

Performance from multiple cores: For TPS games with bigger areas and more intricate AI, think about using CPUs with several cores for improved overall performance.

Choosing the Optimal GPU

  • Frame Rate Matters: Smooth and responsive gameplay in shooting games depends on a high frame rate. Invest in a strong GPU that can handle the resolution and frame rate you want.
  • Ray Tracing: If you appreciate stunning visuals and are playing more recent games, you might want to think about getting a GPU with ray tracing capabilities for accurate lighting and shadows.

RAM and VRAM Consideration

  • RAM: For quicker level loading and lag-free gameplay, shooters benefit from having a sufficient quantity of RAM (16GB or more).
  • VRAM: Choose a GPU with plenty of VRAM, especially if you want to play games at higher resolutions or use graphics-enhancing mods.

Storage Options

  • SSD: Use an SSD for your operating system and any commonly played shooting games. You’ll have an advantage thanks to the quicker loading times.
  • HDD: A vast game library and recorded gameplay video can be stored on a high-capacity HDD.

Monitor Choice

  • Refresh Rate: Smoother gameplay, which is essential in shooters, is provided by a monitor with a high refresh rate (e.g., 144Hz or 240Hz).
  • Low Input Lag: To reduce the time it takes between your actions and the reaction you see on the screen, look for a monitor with low input lag.

Mouse and Keyboard Consideration

  • Gaming Mouse: For quick actions and accurate aim, invest in a high-DPI gaming mouse with programmable buttons.
  • Mechanical Keyboard: Mechanical keyboards improve gameplay by providing tactile feedback and quicker key response.

Audio Quality

  • Headphones: High-quality headphones with surround sound capabilities can be used to detect enemy positions just by hearing them.
  • Sound Card: For better audio quality and positional audio in video games, think about getting a dedicated sound card.

Cooling Solutions

  • Air or Liquid Cooling: Shooters can put a lot of strain on your CPU and GPU. Consider using liquid or air cooling. To ensure constant performance, make sure your cooling solution can control temperatures.

Streaming and Content Creation

  • Additional Cores: If you intend to stream or generate content while playing shooting games, think about a CPU with more cores to manage multitasking.

Optimizing In-Game Settings

  • Performance vs. Visuals: Strike a balance between the two in your game settings for the best visual and performance results. Higher settings for immersive experiences, lower settings for competitive advantage.


A thoughtful combination of powerful hardware and clever optimization is needed to create the ideal gaming PC for shooting games. You’ll be prepared to engage in virtual combat with accuracy, quickness, and unrivaled visuals by paying attention to these suggestions. Keep in mind that each game may have different system needs, so to get the most out of your custom gaming setup, keep informed about the specific requirements of the games you enjoy playing.

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