Aadit Palicha’s Vision: Zepto’s Future in Five Bold Statements

Read Aadit Palicha's bold predictions for the future of Zepto and the quick commerce industry, as shared in an interview on Young Turks.


As consumers increasingly demand faster delivery times, the quick commerce industry faces questions about its sustainability and profitability. However, in 2023, despite a challenging year for India’s tech sector, leading players like Blinkit, Instamart, and Zepto demonstrated significant growth and addressed some of the criticisms previously levelled against them.

Fuelled by the surge in demand during the pandemic, the quick commerce sector saw a remarkable 77% growth, reaching a $3 billion GMV in the previous year. This growth trajectory continues into 2024, with the top players expecting to achieve EBITDA profitability. Moreover, they are expanding beyond groceries into other categories like electronics, fashion, and cosmetics.

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Zepto’s co-founder, Aadit Palicha, has made bold predictions about the future of quick commerce, stating that 2024 will mark the realization of its potential as a transformative force in India’s internet landscape. In a recent LinkedIn post, Palicha asserted that quick commerce could achieve outcomes comparable to giants like Amazon and Flipkart.

During an interview, Palicha elaborated on Zepto’s future and the evolution of the quick commerce industry, making five key statements:

  1. Conviction Over Criticism: Palicha emphasised Zepto’s steadfast conviction since its inception, highlighting its rapid growth to a $1.5 billion GMV and EBITDA positivity within just 36 months. He positioned Zepto as the fastest-growing consumer company in internet India.
  2. Surge in Growth: Palicha discussed Zepto’s exponential growth, attracting 2 million daily users and expanding rapidly in multiple categories. He projected continued growth at a rate of 100% in the coming fiscal year.
  3. Expansion into E-commerce: Zepto aims to diversify its offerings beyond groceries, venturing into categories like toys, beauty, and apparel. Palicha highlighted the success of Zepto’s private label brand, Relish, and its potential to become a major player in the e-commerce space.

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  1. Ambition to Reach DMart’s Scale: Palicha outlined Zepto’s ambition to achieve the scale of DMart, a $30 billion company, within the next few years. He underscored Zepto’s rapid growth trajectory and its potential to rival established players in the retail industry.
  2. IPO Aspirations: Palicha hinted at Zepto’s plans to go public in the near future, citing the company’s growth potential and the opportunity to tap into public markets for capital. He indicated a timeline of 18-24 months for Zepto to prepare for an IPO.

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