WWE’s ‘Raw’ to Debut on Netflix in January 2025

WWE's flagship program 'Raw' is set to make its debut on Netflix in January 2025, marking a major move for the streaming giant into sports entertainment. The exclusive deal covers 'Raw,' 'SmackDown,' NXT, live events, and documentaries, highlighting a strategic partnership for both WWE and Netflix.


WWE’s flagship weekly professional wrestling program, “Raw,” is slated to debut on Netflix in January 2025. This move marks a significant stride for the streaming giant as it continues to diversify its content portfolio by adding more sports and live events to its programming lineup.

As per the exclusive deal, Netflix will become the exclusive streaming platform for “Raw” in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Latin America, and several other territories starting in 2025. Additionally, Netflix will feature other WWE shows and specials, including “SmackDown” and “NXT,” live events like WrestleMania, and various WWE documentaries and series, extending the partnership beyond the borders of the United States.

The agreement signifies a notable departure for “Raw,” which has been a staple on traditional television for approximately three decades. Under this partnership, WWE aims to leverage Netflix’s extensive global reach to expand the wrestling entertainment brand’s audience base and provide a weekly live appointment viewing experience to Netflix subscribers.

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This collaboration represents a strategic move by Netflix to enhance its sports entertainment and live events offerings. Netflix has been increasingly investing in this sector, evident in its recent hosting of the Netflix Cup, a celebrity golfing tournament, and a licensing deal with the CW network to stream the final episodes of “Inside the NFL” after airing on linear television.

The deal, spanning an initial 10 years, involves an aggregate rights fee exceeding $5 billion, with an option for Netflix to extend the agreement. This long-term partnership underscores the commitment of both WWE and Netflix to deliver quality content and entertainment to a diverse and passionate audience.

While this move marks the first time “Raw” has departed from traditional television, it aligns with Netflix’s broader strategy of expanding its content library with a diverse range of offerings. “Raw,” being the top show on the USA Network, brings in a substantial viewership, and Netflix aims to capitalize on the show’s massive and dedicated multigenerational fan base.

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“Raw” has played a pivotal role in WWE’s history, featuring iconic moments and contributing to the rise of legendary wrestlers like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and John Cena. The deal signifies a deepening relationship between WWE and Netflix, aiming to bring the excitement of professional wrestling to a global audience through the streaming platform.

This collaboration highlights the evolving landscape of sports and entertainment content delivery, with traditional formats finding new homes in digital platforms. Netflix’s Chief Content Officer, Bela Bajaria, expresses enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing that “Raw” is a unique blend of sports entertainment, character-driven storytelling, and live action that aligns with Netflix’s commitment to delivering joy and value to its members.

As Netflix continues to explore opportunities in the sports business, the WWE partnership allows the streaming giant to offer a mix of drama and entertainment in the sports genre. The deal is seen as a strategic move to enhance Netflix’s competitive position in the evolving landscape of streaming services, providing subscribers with diverse and engaging content options.

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