Google March Pixel Feature Security Update and New Feature

Explore the latest Google Pixel March update with enhanced security features and Feature Drop additions. Discover fixes, improvements, and exciting features for supported Pixel devices.


Google has initiated the rollout of its most recent March Security update, accompanied by a multitude of new feature enhancements for various Pixel devices supported by the latest Feature Drop. The security patch, sized at approximately 742MB (as observed on our Pixel 8 review unit), is applicable to a range of Pixel devices, from the cutting-edge Pixel 8 Pro to the Pixel Tablet and the Pixel 5a 5G, currently being the oldest supported device since the Pixel 4a received its last official security update in November last year.

Google Pixel March Security Update

Identified with the software version AP1A.240305.019.A1, the March security update is accessible for several Pixel smartphones, the Pixel Tablet, and the exclusive Google foldable, the Pixel Fold. As customary, the security update brings forth numerous bug fixes and improvements.

These encompass general stability and performance enhancements, particularly with certain apps, along with a resolution for Google Assistant‘s unresponsiveness in “certain conditions” across recent Pixel smartphones. Notably, fingerprint recognition from Pixel 6 to Pixel 8 Pro is reported to have undergone improvements in responsiveness.

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Furthermore, a fix for a widespread issue affecting all recent Pixel smartphones, where the camera would cease to function entirely, is included. It remains unclear if this addresses the Night mode bug identified in our Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 8 Pro reviews. The update is also expected to deliver general improvements in system stability and performance, potentially resolving stuttery/janky scrolling problems faced by several users.

Additional fixes pertain to sensors (which may not vibrate upon receiving new texts), telephony (failure to route calls to connected Bluetooth devices), and even an audio distortion issue during calls. Various fixes to the user interface are incorporated, ranging from addressing the game dashboard malfunction to resolving home screen icon disappearance, stuck live wallpapers, and unresponsive taskbar icons and buttons in specific conditions.

Google Pixel March Feature Drop

As for the Google Feature Drop, updates will be automatically directed to your devices or smartphones connected to them. Limited to devices running Android 14, the rollout will follow the usual phased approach. Users receiving the March Security Update will also need to update individual apps for some new features to become visible.

Supported Pixel smartphones will experience enhancements to the Call Screen feature, available only in specific regions. The update improves the call screening feature, especially when the caller remains silent on the other end. Activating the “hello” chip in the interface prompts the caller to speak.

Although recently launched Pixel models can already capture high-contrast 10-bit HDR videos, users can now share these HDR videos and photos directly on Instagram Reels. Surprisingly, this feature arrived on Samsung smartphones before Google’s Pixel devices.

Another feature, Circle to Search, is simultaneously made available on the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. Google has announced its arrival on Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, but Pixel 7 owners will have to wait a bit, marked as “coming soon.”

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For the Pixel Watch, updates from Pixel Watch 2 have been incorporated into the first-generation Pixel Watch. This includes features like Pace Training and Heart Zone Training. The workout interface is also updated for better visibility and readability. Users with access to the Fitbit app will find new breathing exercises on the first-gen Pixel Watch.

The Pixel Watch now includes public transit directions on the display, offering various transit options with real-time departures and a compass-enabled map view.

In a general update for Pixel devices, Google introduces the ability to share precisely what’s on your screen during screen sharing, rather than the entire screen. Google Docs now allows handwritten markups with a dedicated stylus or finger, providing a variety of pen colours and highlighters.

Finally, the Pixel Tablet receives a more user-friendly Gboard voice toolbar. When voice input is activated, the toolbar takes over, removing the keyboard from view and allowing users to view content and dictate text using a slim pill-shaped bar at the bottom.

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