OnePlus Open Informed to Not Feature Third-Party Apps

In this article, we have mentioned how OnePlus is informed to not feature third-party apps and prioritizes a cleaner and safer user experience.


In Mumbai, on October 19, 2023, OnePlus Open is going to launch, and the company’s first foldable phone will be unveiled. It will come pre-installed with a few third-party apps. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has revealed that some non-OnePlus applications will come pre-installed on its future devices. Bloatware, which is the colloquial term for third-party programs installed by manufacturers, is typically found on Android handsets. A list of the third-party apps that will be installed on the OnePlus Open has not yet been released by OnePlus. In the previous few weeks, there have been numerous leaks and reports relating to the smartphone. Information about the handset’s specs, design renderings, and pricing range has leaked. Supposedly competing with Google’s Pixel Fold and Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5, the next foldable is designed like a book.

A OnePlus representative stated that third-party apps would be included with the OnePlus Open right out of the box. “OnePlus places the highest priority on providing a quick, easy, and trouble-free client experience. We’ve collaborated extensively with numerous well-known app developers in preparation for the launch of the OnePlus Open to make sure their programs are compatible with our revolutionary foldable design and improve user experience”, the representative said.

Facebook is one of the applications that will be pre-installed on the next OnePlus Open, according to OnePlus, which claims that it is a popular smartphone application in its target regions. After receiving negative feedback from users, OnePlus declared in 2020 that starting with the OnePlus 8T, its smartphones would no longer come pre-installed with Facebook apps.

The OnePlus Open will come preinstalled with “a small number” of apps, according to the smartphone manufacturer, in order to provide users the best experience possible. Apart from the Facebook app, OnePlus hasn’t offered a list of third-party applications that have been tailored for the OnePlus Open smartphone.

It is presently unknown if customers will be able to delete or remove the Facebook app or any of the other third-party apps that OnePlus will pre-install on the future OnePlus Open. The company hasn’t said if these specially optimized apps will get the same updates as other cell phones that have identical apps installed from the Google Play store.

According to McAfee, pre-installed applications from third-party developers may also be dangerous to your device’s security. Users may also experience user annoyance due to unauthorized notifications and alerts from these programs. Additionally, the Netflix, Spotify, and Facebook apps come pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, which is expected to compete with the OnePlus Open.

According to a business representative, “We think this approach strikes the right balance between delivering a novel and seamless user experience while maintaining the stability and security of our products.”

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