Check out the difference between Soundbar and Home Theatre


What are the main differences between a home theatre system and a soundbar?

A single, long, rectangular device called a soundbar is typically placed horizontally beneath a television. The new thin form factor has many benefits. For stronger bass, it might or might not be combined with a subwoofer. Two to seven speakers can be included in a soundbar.

On the other hand, a home theatre system is purchased as a package and typically consists of a receiver, a subwoofer and five to seven speakers: one centre speaker (front), two side speakers (front right and left), two side speakers (rear right and left), [one centre speaker (back), and one top roof speaker].

The home theatre system can be customised extensively. That implies that you can start with a receiver, a subwoofer, and two speakers before adding more later.

  • Sound Performance

Home theatre and soundbars both provide better audio quality than built-in TV speakers. Soundbars have speakers with larger wattage ratings and greater power. The soundbar offers good volume and sound quality in a small package.

Some have a 100W draw capacity, which is sufficient for the average viewer. Some mid-range soundbars have five or seven speakers, each of which can reproduce sound from a distinct channel.

However, these soundbars can only simulate the actual surround sound from a home theatre and can only provide virtual surround sound. There is less sound separation because of the near proximity of the speakers in the soundbars.

The home theatre, on the other hand, is better suited for the immersive audio experience and the most accurate surround sound since the speakers are placed strategically around the space. Separating the speakers further reduces the possibility of distortion at loud volume levels. The majority of entry-level home theatres have higher power draws of between 300 and 500W.

  • Setting Up and Space Needs

A soundbar is the most space-efficient setup option compared to a home theatre, making it perfect for apartments and smaller areas. It’s also considerably simpler to set up a soundbar.

Normally, you can easily connect your soundbar to the TV or audio system using wires, Bluetooth, or a wireless connection once you’ve placed it in the location you want and linked it to the power supply.

The home theatre’s several speaker channels make it more difficult to set up and take more time. In order to fit the numerous speakers, the home theatre needs extra room. As a result, a tiny space is not the best place for a home theatre.

Furthermore, cables are typically used to link the speakers and receiver. There are cables running between the receiver and the TV, as well as from the receiver to each speaker and the subwoofer.

To make the cable layout aesthetically pleasant and to stop people from tripping and falling over it, you’ll need to manage it effectively. Read on to find out whether a Home Theater or Soundbar is ideal!

  • Features

The most contemporary soundbars are intelligent gadgets with built-in compatibility for several digital assistants, like Alexa from Amazon, Siri from Apple, Google Assistant, and others. The majority of soundbars also frequently have USB and aux connectors for connecting to other media.

A wider range of ports are typically available in home theatre systems. The receiver frequently serves as a hub for a range of different accessories, including decoders, Blu-ray players, and gaming consoles.

The receiver has a variety of connectivity options, including Bluetooth, USB, aux, and more. Digital assistants are not, however, linked with home theatre systems.

It would be up to prospective purchasers to choose if they wanted their preferred sound system to have enough ports and functionality to connect all the media sources they needed.

  • Pricing

While a soundbar (simply a unit) could seem more cost-effective than a home theatre (with multiple speakers), this isn’t always the case, especially for high-end gadgets.

For instance, home theatre systems that provide true surround sound are more expensive than the cheapest soundbars that enable virtual surround sound.

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