6 Hidden iPhone XR Tips and Tricks You Never Knew Existed

Unlock the potential of your iPhone XR with these 6 hidden tips and tricks. Enhance your smartphone skills today


The iPhone XR is one of the most popular models of the iPhone and a fantastic entry-level choice into the Apple ecosystem. In India, many people own an iPhone XR, which is a smartphone that has been around for nearly two years. Knowing a few iPhone XR tricks you can perform and show off to your pals is wonderful with the number of users out there. Here are a few tips and tricks for the iPhone XR that you probably didn’t know existed.

Trick 1: Creative Phone Calling Techniques

Activate Siri and say, “Call or Dial a Contact Number,” to make a quick call. Separately pronounce each digit of the number. Nine three three two, for instance, and so forth. For example, if the area code is 200, you would say 200 instead of 200. The iPhone XR’s ground-breaking functionality allows you to quickly dial a contact without ever touching the phone.

Make an immediate call to a contact:

  • Invoke Siri and enter “Make a call to “Contact Name’s” mobile. For instance, you could want to call Ramesh, who is on your contact list. “Call Ramesh’s Mobile” should be said.

If you want to call the previous number you called again:

  • Return My Last Call’ or ‘Redial The Last Number’ are two options you can provide Siri.
  • You may also use the shortcut by pressing the green dial button to open the phone app. Now click the call button to make a new call instead of switching between your recent tabs.

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Trick 2: Rapidly enlarge any area of the screen

To zoom in on any area of the screen is one of the best iPhone XR tips. The display has two options: Standard and Zoomed. To get more information, simply tap the screen twice or squeeze it. Whatever you are doing, you can utilise the zoom tool to enlarge any portion of the screen. You can use window zoom to only magnify a certain area of the screen, or you can zoom the entire screen. 

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom > Enable “Zoom” and Also Enable Zoom Controller by Enabling “Show Controller” to start utilising the function.

Utilise Quick Zoom

  • You can activate the Zoom feature by tapping twice with your three fingers on the screen OR by using the accessibility shortcut.
  • Use three fingers to tap the screen twice without igniting the fingers after the second tap to change the magnification. You may now effortlessly drag up and down and move the zoom level slider.

Trick 3: Record video while playing music

The problem is usually present when you wish to make a video while listening to music on your iPhone XR. The music stops when you switch to the video recording mode, but you may still shoot pictures while the music is playing. If you don’t want that, heed the following advice:

First, switch to photo mode on your camera.

Step 2: Start listening to the music or tune. 

Step 3: Launch the camera application.

Step 4: Holding the capture button while swiping to the right is step four.

Step 5: The video recording will now begin and the music will play.

Step 6: Hold the white circle and put it back once you’re finished. You can also choose the record button in the middle to stop recording.

Trick 4: Make Your Own emoji

With the iPhone XR or iOS 12 and later, you may create Emoji, your individual Animoji. The most fascinating feature is that this 3D avatar imitates your facial expressions and uses your voice. You can utilise your facial expressions to communicate with someone while delivering a voice message. You can make as many different Emojis that resemble you as you desire. Observe the direction provided:

  • Start the messaging program.
  • Tap on a current or recent chat.
  • The Animoji symbol can be tapped in the app drawer. 
  • You will now begin to see various Emojis.
  • Tap the + sign after moving the cursor left.
  • To make your Memoji appear like you, start customising aspects like skin tone, haircut, and eye colour. 
  • In the upper right corner, select “done.”
  • You are now prepared to perform fascinating tasks with your Memoji.

Trick 5- Use a one-handed keyboard

Sometimes using both hands to type on our iPhones wears us out. On the other hand, if you have an iPhone XR, you have the option to swap the keypad so that you may type with one hand.

  • Select the keyboard selection under settings.
  • Click on the one-handed keyboard at this time.
  • As per your option, move the keyword to the left or right. 
  • You can now type messages on your own.

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Trick 6- Set Up a Second Face ID Face

Face unlock, often known as face ID, is one of the best features of iPhones. Your data is kept secure thanks to this biometric authentication, which makes sure no one else can access your phone. In earlier versions of iOS, only one face could be registered; now, numerous faces can be added for authentication. To unlock the device, you can add both your face and the face of your spouse.

  • You can configure a second face ID in your iPhone XR using the following checkboxes:
  • Navigate to settings, then select “Face Id and Passcode” from the list.
  • Tap “Setup An Alternate Appearance” after entering your passcode. (You can use this option to prepare your second appearances, such as wearing spectacles, a beard, or any other. But you may also add a second person’s facial ID using this option).
  • Place the phone in front of the face of the person whose face ID you want to create and click on to get started.
  • Now turn your head clockwise to complete the first and second facial ID scans.
  • The setup for your second face ID is finished.
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