Top 10 must-have car gadgets under Rs 500

The Top 10 Must-Have Car Gadgets Under Rs. 500 are revealed in this comprehensive list. Add inexpensive additions that improve convenience, safety and entertainment to your vehicle to improve your driving experience. To alter your regular commute or road excursions, look into accessible tech solutions right now.


Our cars are becoming an extension of our everyday lives in today’s fast-paced society, serving as more than just a means of mobility. There are several reasonably priced devices that can improve your driving experience, whether you commute every day, enjoy taking long road trips, or you just want to make your time in the car more enjoyable. This post will look at the top ten car accessories that you can purchase for less than 500 rupees and that will make your trips safer, more practical and more fun.

  • Car Phone Mount (Price: 200-300 Rs)

Every driver should have a car phone mount. You can navigate, answer calls, or manage your music without taking your eyes off the road because it puts your smartphone within easy reach. To find one that works with multiple phone sizes and offers customizable angles, look.

  • USB Car Charger (Price: 100-200 Rs)

It can be annoying to run out of battery while traveling. To keep your electronics charged while driving, a USB vehicle charger is a straightforward but crucial piece of equipment. To charge several devices at once, look for models with numerous USB ports.

  • Bluetooth FM Transmitter (Price: 300-400 Rs)

A Bluetooth FM transmitter might fix your car’s Bluetooth communication issue. It enables hands-free calling and music streaming by allowing you to wirelessly link your smartphone to the audio system in your car.

A low-cost automobile air purifier can improve the quality of the air inside your vehicle. In order to make the cabin healthier for you and your passengers, these gadgets can assist remove allergens, smells and hazardous particles.

  • Tire Pressure Gauge (Price: 100-200 Rs)

Proper tire inflation is essential for both safety and fuel economy. You can simply check your tire pressure and maintain properly inflated tires by using a portable tire pressure gauge.

  • Car Sunshades (Price: 200-300 Rs)

Car sunshades are not only a terrific method to shield the interior of your car from the hot sun, but they also assist in keeping the space cooler during the sweltering summer months. They are simple to set up and pack away when not in use.

  • Seat Gap Filler (Price: 100-200 Rs)

A seat gap filler might be a lifesaver if you are sick of losing tiny objects like keys or phones in the space between your vehicle seats. These low-tech but useful devices slide in between the seats to capture stuff that could otherwise get lost.

  • Car Trash Can (Price: 100-200 Rs)

A compact automobile trash can makes it simpler to maintain a clean and orderly vehicle. To avoid clutter inside your car, it’s a practical approach to get rid of tissues, wrappers and other little garbage things.

  • Car Steering Wheel Cover (Price: 200-300 Rs)

A cozy steering wheel cover not only improves your grip on the wheel but also gives the interior of your automobile a dash of beauty. For a lengthy lifespan, go for one built of sturdy materials.

  • Emergency Tool Kit (Price: 300-500 Rs)

When driving, safety should always come first. A survival tool kit can save your life in emergency scenarios. Find one with the necessities like a first aid kit, jumper cables and a flashlight.


It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to improve the comfort and functionality of your car. The top 10 inexpensive vehicle gadgets under 500 Rs range from keeping you organized to assuring your comfort and safety while you’re on the road. Consider purchasing these affordable items, whether you commute every day or only take road trips sometimes, to make your time on the road more pleasurable and stress-free.

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