Indian PM Modi and Bill Gates Discuss AI, Digital Empowerment of Women

Explore PM Modi's vision for technology democratization, AI, and empowering women, as discussed with Bill Gates. Insights on India's digital revolution.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi engaged in a conversation with philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates on Friday, exploring topics such as artificial intelligence (AI), the digital divide, and the role of technology in empowering women in India.

Modi expressed his belief in the democratization of technology, stressing its potential to provide equal opportunities for all individuals. He highlighted his efforts to extend technology infrastructure to rural areas, aiming to bridge the digital divide across the nation.

Discussing India’s progress in embracing technology, Modi cited initiatives like the ‘Namo Drone Didi’ scheme, which has empowered women to operate drones despite lacking prior experience. He noted the willingness of Indian women to adopt technology as a positive trend.

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Bill Gates commended India’s leadership in technological adaptation and shared insights from his journey with technology. Reflecting on his visits to India, Gates expressed his admiration for the nation’s achievements in technology and philanthropy.

The conversation also delved into AI, with Narendra Modi cautioning against viewing it as a replacement for human effort. He shared examples of leveraging AI during international summits and emphasized India’s commitment to democratizing technology to prevent monopolies.

Gates acknowledged India’s contributions to digital innovation and expressed enthusiasm for partnering with the nation to extend these achievements globally. He praised India’s digital initiatives, including the CoWin platform for Covid vaccination.

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Modi reiterated India’s determination to capitalize on the current digital revolution, emphasizing the nation’s potential for growth. He discussed plans to allocate resources for scientific research, particularly in areas such as cervical cancer prevention.

Addressing climate change, Modi advocated for redefining development metrics to incorporate sustainability indicators like ‘green GDP’ and ‘green employment’. Gates reflected on his own journey in technology, expressing gratitude for the opportunities afforded by the ‘chip miracle’.

Both leaders shared a mutual passion for technology, with Modi describing his curiosity as akin to a childlike wonder. The conversation underscored the importance of leveraging technology for societal progress and empowerment.

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